Pressure Washers

The power of cleaning at home and at work.

Pressure Washers

From cleaning your driveway or preparing for a paint job, Generac pressure washers give you the power you need to blow away dirt and grime.


Enjoy the performance and electric convenience of an electric pressure washer. The Generac 8888 electric pressure washer gives you the power you need to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks. Perfect for windows, decks, patio furniture and a variety of other cleaning tasks around the home, this unit is a compact and portable way to take your high-pressure cleaning capabilities with you wherever you go.


Generac’s SpeedWash™ residential grade high-pressure washers offer you a complete cleaning system with best-in-class cleaning capabilities. This complete cleaning system includes a range of innovative cleaning accessories that provide better cleaning results in less time.

ONEWASH 2000-3100PSI 2.8GPM PRESSURE WASHER (Model #6602)

You can easily adjust the spray intensity to clean a variety of surfaces with one easy-to-use control

2900PSI 2.4GPM PRESSURE WASHER (Model #8874)

The GENERAC 4200PSI 4.0GPM power washer with 420 cc engine and 50 feet of hose makes large cleaning jobs more manageable. Powerful and professional, this pressure washer makes quick work of large jobs such as cleaning siding before a paint job, washing down a parking lot or cleaning lawn equipment. Choose between five different nozzle heads (0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and soap) to get the job done as efficiently as possible. This pressure washer is mounted on 12-inch pneumatic wheels to keep it steady even on uneven surfaces. The durable, all-welded frame and triplex pump with ceramic-coated pistons help ensure a long life of rugged, efficient use.

2900PSI 2.4GPM PRESSURE WASHER (Model #8874)

Generac’s 2900 PSI power washer gives you the cleaning power, reliability and – most importantly – ease of use in an affordable, compact unit that can be used to clean everything from patio furniture to driveways and decks. The user-friendly design makes it easy to assemble, connect hoses, move almost effortlessly regardless of terrain, and clean longer and more comfortably.

Home Backup Generators Customer Reviews

2215 five star reviews and counting

Used it to clean my boat, garage, driveway and deck. Does a great job. Easy to start. Love the variety of cleaning techniques.

Dara B. Cox

I received my powerwasher yesterday. The assembly was fast and easy. Today was my first usage and it was a good experience waking my walkway. Hopefully it will continue to perform well.


I purchased this product to clean my vehicle and to do cleaning around the house. It has proven to do everything I hoped it would do. Great product!

Kevin D.

Great pressure washer. I use it commercially and residentially because I have a business. I would definitely buy another one if needed. Great product, would recommend to anyone!

Douglas S. Trotter

Generac pressure washers allow you to clean everything around the house - from patio furniture to vehicles to concrete and exterior walls.

Marcella W.