Portable Generators

Portable generators for all needs.

Portable Generators

Get the power you need, when and where you need it. Generac’s portable power products allow you to take power with you wherever you want to go. From the smallest power inverters to 17,500-watt portable generators – the largest of which are available – Generac has a portable generator to meet your entertainment needs.

GENERAC IQ3500 ( Model #7127 )

The iQ3500 portable inverter generator lets you take power with you anywhere – from tailgating parties to camping trips, construction sites and beyond. The durable, lightweight design is designed for portability. The intuitive PowerDial™ integrates start, run and stop functions into one easy-to-use dial with electric start (battery included), all in a convenient and quick start location. Choose from two engine speeds to dramatically reduce noise and fuel consumption or maximize power response, depending on your needs. Inverter generators use a different type of alternator than standard generators to produce AC power. The end result is a lighter weight, smaller size, less powerful portable generator that is clean enough to safely power sensitive electronics and tools.

GENERAC XD5000E( Model #6864)

If you have a tough job to do, take a look at the XD5000E generator. The rugged steel frame features integrated lifting rings for easy transport and field safety. True Power™ technology provides less than 6% total harmonic distortion – for smooth operation of tools, appliances and even sensitive electronics. And thanks to a large fuel tank and idle control, it’s carefully engineered to keep running.


The Generac GP3000i inverter features new advanced PowerRush™ technology that provides over 50% more starting capacity for your RV essentials and other motor-driven equipment, so you can get more done with less. 

GENERAC GP2500I ( Model #8250 )

The GP2500i inverter generator provides outdoor enthusiasts with a portable power solution designed for a variety of open-air celebrations. From weekends in the woods to outdoor picnics and parties, these models provide the steady power you need without disturbing neighbors or surrounding wildlife. Using TruePower technology, the GP2500i generates the clean power needed for a variety of sensitive electronics, tools and appliances. Compact and fully enclosed, its lightweight design makes transportation easy, and its Economy Mode feature reduces fuel consumption rates and noise emissions for long, quiet runs. 

GENERAC GP6500 49ST ( Model #7690 )

The 3600-watt Generac GP3600 portable generator can be used to tackle home projects, power tools or provide essential power in the event of a power outage. It’s an exceptionally affordable solution with advanced features. These include PowerRush™ advanced technology, which provides more than 40% more starting capacity, an OHV engine for extended engine life and a large capacity steel fuel tank with a built-in fuel gauge for increased durability. Hardened steel tube mounts provide extra strength, while low fuel level shutdowns protect your engine from damage. Heavy-duty, never-flat wheels and a foldable handle make the generator easy to transport. 

Home Backup Generators Customer Reviews

2035 five star reviews and counting

This machine is definitely quieter than other generators we have used in the past. We are very happy with it and it has been a great inspiration to us. Great value for money.

Roger A.

Great generator. Performed perfectly for my camper. You can't even say we're on a generator. It's quiet and runs perfectly. Easy to start and maintain.

Michelle R.

This product is great. I am very satisfied. I recommend this product to all my family and friends. The price is within my range. The overall product quality is great.

Thomas P.

This generator powers my refrigerator and freezer when the power goes out in a storm. It was easy to start and ran quietly all day until power was restored. Great tool.

Sammy P. Jones

This is an amazing generator, even running it at night in the silent forest it was so quiet that we couldn't hear it in the camper. Highly recommended!

Ethel R. Edwards