Home Backup Generators

Power your entire home or your most important items.

Home Backup Generators

When choosing a home standby generator, it’s important to get the best quality to protect your home and family from power outages.Generac home standby generators can provide the comfort, safety and convenience you need. With the ability to provide generator power to your home within seconds of detecting a power outage, these Generac home generators will ensure that your home and family are protected in the event of an emergency.


The new Generac 7290 is a 26kW air-cooled WiFi generator that continues to power your air conditioner, security system and all your home appliances when the power grid is down. Use it with a 200 amp ATS to make life easier during a power outage. This model takes up 68% less space than other models of the same size, while delivering 2.6 times more power. The motor also provides more than 28% more starting power. With it, all your sensitive and modern equipment can continue to operate safely until power is restored to the grid.


The new Generac 7291 is a 26kW air-cooled generator that generates enough power to keep four or more 5-ton air conditioners, furnaces and security systems running in the event of a power failure. It runs quietly at 68dbA without disturbing neighbors. This air-cooled standby generator is equipped with many protection systems to extend the life of the engine. The engine will automatically shut down due to low oil pressure, incorrect wiring, high or low voltage or heat. It is designed for extended performance. Modern users benefit from Wi-Fi connectivity. You can read system messages and check the status of the generator from a remote site.


No refueling, no manual start, and no extension cords required. Power your home’s electrical system directly, powering your entire home or your most important items.


Generac is the leading brand in the generator market. Generac 7171 generators keep homes, houses and businesses safe during storms. Keep air conditioning, heating and security systems running during grid outages. This home standby generator has many safety features. The protection system extends the life of the model by keeping the engine safe. It automatically shuts down due to low oil pressure, incorrect wiring, low voltage or overheating. This Guardian Series model is designed for the modern user. It is WiFi-enabled, allowing you to read system messages and check the status of the generator from a remote site. In cold climates, the barometer is below zero. The Cold Smart Start feature in this model starts easily, making it ideal for cold climates.


The new Generac 7228 home standby generator continues to power air conditioners, refrigerators, TVs, furnaces, sump pumps, computers, lights and more when the grid goes down. Generac’s home standby generators are most popular with homeowners for their low cost, durability and reliability. The Generac 7228 18kW model is available for medium and large houses. It is designed for extended use. In storm-ravaged areas where the power is out for days. You can run the Generac dual-fuel generator continuously for hours until power is restored to the grid. Get an unlimited supply of fuel from your kitchen gas line, no refueling required. It provides clean energy with low THD for all your home appliances. You can choose to power just the essentials or a few rooms or the entire house. The 18kW home standby generator runs as quietly as an air conditioner at just 65dBA without interrupting your sleep.

Home Backup Generators Customer Reviews

1898 five star reviews and counting

So far it has worked well and we are relieved that we will not lose power during a power outage. Also excellent customer service and always quick to respond to any calls or emails. Highly recommended.

Dara B.

I recently installed a 14kw Generac Guardian series generator for my back up needs so that its easier on my wife because im gone alot for work. It was a breeze to install and works automatically when power is interrupted on the first try! I definitely recommend this product to anyone!


I was particularly impressed with the installers. They were professional, very neat, and they did an excellent job of explaining the function of the unit and cleaning up after they were done. I highly recommend this product and our dealership to anyone!

Kevin D. Williams

We just installed our generator this morning and it looks like it's in a pinch. We had a power outage this afternoon and the generator kicked on in seconds! Very happy with this great generator and the whole installation process.

Douglas S. Trotter